Adventures in Killing the Radio Star


Hey! I'm getting ready to start posting some actual personal life stuff that I don't want to post on FB or twitter so want to make sure you know. It will be Flocked-grouped. So keep your eyes peeled because I'll be wanting to actually have exchanges on it. HAHA imagine that! Old school!

Adventures in Killing the Radio Star

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It's been almost a year now. This is a photo of my gran and my stepdad William watching me get married. William we miss you SO SO MUCH.

Adventures in Killing the Radio Star

Adventures in Killing the Radio Star


I am filming a documentary and have started phase1 of the process to raise a little $ for equipment and initital costs. I will be traveling all over the USA and Europe to film this. It's going to be very exciting!

Constant updates on the Facebook page. Please like Unfortunate Productions (the production company putting the film out.)

Please check out the "Pre" Trailer to the film below and please go to the kickstarter site to read up on the bands and plans and help get the word out to donate/pledge!

Are you ready!!!?!? (^_^)

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